Resources: Quarz Composer examples, tutorials and related information

14 Oct

What is Quartz Composer ?

Quartz Composer is a node-based visual programming language provided as part of the Xcode development environment in Mac OS X for processing and rendering graphical data.

Compositions created in Quartz Composer can be played standalone in any QuickTime-aware application[1] (although only on Mac OS X 10.4 and later), as a system Screen Saver, as an iTunes Visualizer, from inside the Quartz Composer application, or can be embedded into a Cocoa or Carbon application via supplied user interface widgets.

Quartz Composer projects examples:

1. Quartz Composer Sample – TwoMen

2. Quartz Composer Sample – Wires

3. Quartz Composer Sample – Kaboku

4. Quartz Composer Sample – JellyWing

Quartz Composer Tutorials:

1. Make a Quartz Composition Part IMake a Quartz Composition Part 2

2. Lighting 3D Cubes and Moving them with Audio Input (video tutorial)

3. Best Quartz Composer Tutorials – more hand-picked tutorials

4. Official Apple documentation

5. Create your own spinning globe in minutes

6. Some more video tutorials

7. Make a video feedback screensaver

Resources and project files downloads (.qtz files)

.qtz files are native Quartz Composer project files, but in the same time, they are ready made screen savers for Mac Os X. To preview as screensavers, copy .qtz files to Macitosh HD > Library > Screen Savers. Than go to Mac Os X preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver, scroll all the way bottom and preview ones you want.

Downloads (.qtz files):

Quartz Compositions dot com – various screen savers in .qtz format

Zuga Kousaku: Hotel Gadget, Full color bossa, The 20th Century Voyage and few more ( notice “quartz composer file download button” )

Various projects uploaded to

Projects using sound and web cam as inputs

iChat effects project files

Other Quartz Composer related websites:

Daily Rust – articles, news, downloads

Ma computer arts – student blog

Zuga kousaku – Personal website of expert in QC, also the author of the great book on QC – video tutorials and news


Transdisciplinary Digital Art – contains just a chapter on QC

Real-time motion graphics with Quartz Composer – will be published by the end of 2010, accepting pre-orders.

Quartz Composer Book by Futusimo Zugakousaku – definitely the best book out there, but unfortunately available only in Japanese, with no intentions to translate to Englsih.

For more resources, similar applications  and techniques check out this article at Smashing magazine.


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